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Building Your Own cv.jit Externals

Here is a guide for those who would like to write their own Max externals based on the cv.jit source. It might also be useful for those who would like to integrate OpenCV in their own externals.

A Simple Eye Tracker For Jitter

A few years ago, I made a rough eye tracker in Jitter with cv.jit for my own use. It wasn’t the most thoroughly advanced approach to the problem but it did the job, and it’s relatively lightweight. I moved on to other projects and I forgot about the patch almost entirely, but from time to […]

The Birth of the Synthetic Voice

On the evening of February 15th 1931, four journalists were invited at the London offices of the Producers Distributing Company, an American film distributor. They were introduced to a young engineer by the name of Eric Allan Humphriss, who had just recently joined the company. Previously, Humphriss had been working for RCA on their Photophone […]