A Simple Eye Tracker For Jitter

A few years ago, I made a rough eye tracker in Jitter with cv.jit for my own use. It wasn’t the most thoroughly advanced approach to the problem but it did the job, and it’s relatively lightweight.

I moved on to other projects and I forgot about the patch almost entirely, but from time to time I have people writing to me asking question about face tracking (which is different from face detection) and eye tracking. And so, here it is, my eye tracker, for anyone to use.

Download “Eye tracker” and necessary abstractions.

As a bonus, you also get a number of useful abstractions, although they’re undocumented and will remain this way. Also, don’t ask me how they work; I don’t remember. The names are fairly descriptive, though.

You will need the standard cv.jit objects for this patch to work.

As always, hope this helps.


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