jit.freenect.grab Release Candidate 4

October 15, 2011

A number of people have been writing me about what appeared to be a memory leak in jit.freenect.grab. Indeed, there was. It’s been found, and as far as I can tell, it’s been squashed. If any of you wish to compile the external on your own, please beware that it is the OSX version of libusb that leaks. Be sure to read the libfreenect README carefully to find out how to patch the problem.

I also get people asking me about a Windows external. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen soon. At least unless some kind soul does the work for us, because I just don’t have enough time to dedicate to a port.


jit.freenect.grab Release Candidate 3

January 20, 2011

Release candidate 3 is out!


It’s now possible to output the raw image from the infrared camera instead of the RGB image. This is the raw data the Kinect uses to estimate depth. This means that by blocking the infrared projector (on the left side of the device) it’s now possible to use the Kinect as an infrared camera. Note, however, that the infrared camera was calibrated to work with the infrared projector and you may find ambient infrared light to be either too dim or too bright to be useable.

Even with RC2, some users reported stalling issues. It appears that stalling occurs under heavy CPU load ? although I haven’t verified that this is true in all cases.

jit.freenect.grab Release Candidate 2 is out (finally)

January 10, 2011

Taking a short break from what has been a truly hectic and near-sleepless month, I found the time to upload a slightly improved jit.freenect.grab. Several users have reported to me that jit.freenect.grab stops working after a while. I think I’ve identified the culprit and this new version may solve the problem. I hope so.


Some people have also asked me about a Windows version of the external. libfreenect, on which this external is based now works on Windows and a port should be possible. Or at least, it would be if I had the time. Currently, my main priority is getting enough sleep to keep a sane mind. However, the code is on Github and if anyone wants to take the time to work on a Windows version, that would be fantastic.

Some people are also interested, of course, in NITE. Which is a skeleton tracking system developed by Primesense, the company that designed the Kinect’s depth sensor. As far as I know, NITE requires Primesense’s own drivers to work, which would require a new external altogether to work in Jitter. It would be a very useful project but unfortunately, my current engagements don’t allow me the time to work on something like this at the moment.

Here’s hoping rc2 solves everybody’s problems.

jit.freenect.grab page now live

December 3, 2010

I just published a page for the jit.freenect.grab external I have been working on. It allows users of Max/MSP/Jitter to get depth and image data from their Kinect.

Head over to for more info!