What is it? 

jit.freenect.grab is an external object that allows you to grab images and control Microsoft Kinect devices from within Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter. jit.freenect.grab makes use of the OpenKinect project’s libfreenect library. It is being developed by Jean-Marc Pelletier, Nenad Popov and with help from Andrew Roth.


  • Retrieve RGB images.
  • Retrieve depth maps.
  • Retrieve images from the infrared camera.
  • Retrieve accelerometer readings.
  • Control the Kinect’s tilt motor.
  • Use multiple Kinects simultaneously. (Depth sensors may interfere with each other.)


The latest version of jit.freenect.grab is “Release Candidate 5”, which was released on 2012-3-7. The object requires Max 5 with Jitter and only runs on Intel Macs with OS 10.5 or later.

Note: this version is not compatible with the newest Kinects. I unfortunately do not have the time to update the external.

Download jit.freenect.grab release candidate 5 and its help file.

Once you have downloaded the files, you only need to place them in the “Cycling 74” folder inside the “Max 5” Application folder.

jit.freenect.grab is released under the Apache 2.0 license. You can download the source from the main Github repository.


Please e-mail me if you have comments, suggestions, bug reports, or if you want your project included in the gallery at jmp [at] jmpelletier.com



  1. karl krach says:

    i am just wondering: is there any chance of a max 64 bit-compatible version of jit.freenect.grab coming soon?
    i really love your tools and i do quite miss them…!
    all the best

  2. jovansystem says:

    Hi, sorry, I don’t have any time to dedicate to this project anymore… It’s open source, so if some enterprising soul (wink, wink) wants to have a stab at re-compiling, that would be great.

  3. michelli says:

    hi, im not able to run simultaneous two kinect.
    i can turn on an of both kinects but only the first one have a frame rate and pictures.
    does someone work successfully with two kinects?
    thanks in advance

  4. michelli says:

    sorry, i mean with rc4 and rc5 on lion

  5. Martina says:

    Hi! First, must say your tool is amazing! And I must thank you for it! 🙂
    Second, there seems to be a known strange thing happening with the jit.freenect.grab: whenever I use it, or even just open the help file I get in the max window this yellow looking message: float32 bad number.
    Also here in the forum some people pointed it out:

    Any chance to know why? Is this affecting the functionality of the object itself?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. jovansystem says:

    Hi, I think this might be because you’re using 64-bit Max. I don’t know if this affects functionality.

  7. Mark Smithers says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome externals! I have download the ‘latest build from the Github repository’ (updated on 2015.4.30) but the drawing externals (cv.jit.blobs.bounds.draw, cv.jit.blobs.centroids.draw etc) are missing. How can I get these?


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