Image Sonification Demonstrations

These are a few short examples of the sonification techniques detailed in a number of papers (see bibliography).

Visit the sonification demo page.

The Mirage Project: Computer Vision for Artists

The Mirage Project was a research project held at IAMAS between 2005 and 2008 that sought to find creative and artistic applications to computer vision technology. Based on students’ ideas we created a number of interactive art and live performance pieces.

Visit the official Mirage Project site.


Kemuri-mai, which means “smoke dance” in Japanese, is a semi-interactive sound art piece that can be presented as either an installation or a performance. The movements of the plume of smoke rising from a burning stick of incense are transformed in real time into music. These movements are caused by the movements and breath of people in the room, hence the piece draws its life from that of its spectators.

Electroacoustic Compositions and Dance Music

Earthen Bodied Augur (Earth section) (2007)

Tashikara (2003)

A Chemistry Experiment ? Lauren’s Section (1999)

Abstract Souvenirs: Speeches to a Crowd (1999)

Ru (1998)

Paintings and Photography

Oil paintings, ink drawings and photographs.

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